Hello there!
This is us – Ivan and Valentina, a young family who wants to show their passion for delicious and well-prepared food. We love art in all its forms, including cooking and photography. That’s why we created this blog. All the recipes you will see here have been tried and evaluated.

Our love of open-air food is even greater. That is why you will witness our culinary adventures in different parts of our dignified country. Fresh air, combined with good weather, good mood and a bunch of delicacies, are a prerequisite for a delight of the soul.

Every cooking almost always happens in the company of our children. Our passion for cooking comes with their appearance.

I, Ivan, am a professional photographer and as such I will make an effort for you to try the food with your own eyes. Our goal is to inspire you to try one of our recipes. Embark on a culinary adventure and make sure it’s not as difficult as most people think.

We will be infinitely happy if you share your results with us.


With Love!

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